Mar 24 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday – Break

My thanks to Wishcasting Wednesdays for today’s meme

What do you wish to take a break from?

I wish to take a break from darkness, heaviness, exhaustion and discouragement. Continue reading

Mar 3 2010

Important Life Lesson – Pedicures

When your toes are numb and you have a dodgy shoulder (calling sports med specialist about that today, finally) attempting to self-administer a pedicure is perhaps not a good thing. I did not cry nor did I puke when my shoulder let its displeasure be known, nor was very much blood spilled from about my toe-parts.

Thankfully Angus and Emma came to my rescue before further pedicarnage could be perpetrated – Angus snuggle-flomped into my lap, inserting his body between me and everything else, while Emma carefully inspected anything and everything in the bathroom that might have been involved in making me unhappy, then licked my face to let me know it would be all right. 185 lbs of concerned and cuddly canines in a teeny-tiny bathroom festooned lots of sharp implements somehow worked out just fine, as both dogs have a more delicate touch than I do.

Sadly, my toes are not the sparkly ruby-lacquered gems of my dreams. At least not today.

Feb 22 2010

Manic Monday – Days

Thanks to the Manic Monday meme for these questions:

If you could invite any five people to your birthday party, who would they be?

  • my Sexy Husband Poobah Stephen
  • my half-brother Scott, who I’ve never met in person
  • Seat #3 would cycle between all my friends who I haven’t seen in forever and miss terribly
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Tony Robbins

What birthday has been your favorite so far? What about it made it special?

My 37th birthday was my favorite. 37 is a prime number composed of pleasing colors and sounds (I’m a synesthete), and I bought myself the birthday gift of a fun little motorcycle I’d been wanting for many years (white Honda Rebel 250). Also, it’s just old enough to be an adult without being anywhere near “over the hill” – our society has so many odd conversations about decade birthdays I’d rather not participate in.

What one thing are you craving today?

To have already completed all the to-dos (sort, purge = recycle/donate/gift/throw away, tidy up) on my To-Do List of Massive Purging (closets, books, schmatta, tchochkes, etc.).