Apr 16 2002

nefarious little bombers

Kudos to Scalzi for summing it all up about that nefarious pic of the Little Bomber Girl – but what nobody seems to realize is that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such images in this not-war.

I am diligently hunting for the photo of the little Hamas Bomber Boy, about 5 years old, if that, being held up on his father’s shoulders at a West Bank rally about a year ago. I don’t recall many folks spewing fire and brimstone about that way back then – matter of fact, I think I was the only one in my immediate circle who even noticed it. Until the screaming started, of course – my screaming, mind you, about the evil of a mindset that would make children instruments of death.

What I wanted to know then and want to know now is, where’s the little golden key? That was how the Iranian mullahs did it – give each child a golden key to wear around their neck, telling them that these were the martyrs’ keys to paradise (most of the kids were too young to care about willing virgins) and send them out to clear the minefields. Cheaper and faster than using professional sappers, and less likely to cause casualties to expensively trained soldiers. Bastards.

Watching a small snippet of the Bomber Video Redux – if there is a god of any sort waiting for those sons-of-bitches, I hope it has a really fat Foley catheter with a splintered tip ready for each one.

Apr 15 2002

Back to the political stuff

Back to the political stuff – I was just reading back a few days in Tal G.’s blog, when I read this:

“Appearing on Al-Jazeera, Arab Knesset member Ahmed Tibi praised the Palestinian fighters in Jenin. A right-wing Knesset member suggested that Tibi become a suicide bomber.”

I’d say ’nuff said, but I got something to say about that – as a good friend put it, take all the fighters and hostiles and would-be bombers and snipers and opressors and oppressives and stick them in some wadi somewhere in the West Bank and let them fight it out with sticks and stones. That way no little kids or old folks trying to water their patio gardens get hurt, everybody can get their coffee and pizza and laundry, and the factions of society that care enough to send the very best into battle with their ideological and territorial enemies can have satisfaction, once and for all.

Should they need a redux periodically, telecast it live around the world – get costumes and capes and gals in the ring to wave the scorecards around and pitch it to the networks as WWF meets Reality TV meets Islamic/Zionist Jihad. CUE ANNOUNCER: “In the green corner, we have Ayman, who grew up eating rocks in his rice and watching videotapes of his father’s body being dragged through the streets of Ramallah by a triumphant crowd trying to convince his family that Dad’s martyrdom was A Good Thing – Ayman’s motto: ‘They stole my childhood for their state.’ And in the blue corner, we have Avi, who grew up as the only child of Holocaust survivors in Jaffa and whose best friend was shot in the back seven times at the end of his first patrol in the West Bank, his first week out of basic training – Avi’s motto: ‘They stole my childhood for their state.’

Apr 12 2002

My husband just summarized the entire Middle East …

My husband just summarized the entire Middle East situation in one pithy sentence:

“It’s like a piece of gum in your pubic hair – you can just pull it and pull it from one side or the other, but no matter what, you’re stuck. There’s no way around it, you just have to get some scissors and cut it out.”

He’s from Lebanon, so he has the inside track on this particular viewpoint.