Jun 22 2009

You Can’t Kill An Idea

I refuse to believe that this will always be inevitable, I refuse to believe that this is the best we can expect:

“Neda Is My Daughter, I Have One Just Like Her”

Jun 19 2009

Note to Self: Motivation

“Accept that you won’t always be insanely motivated. If you’re waiting to take action until you’re incredibly motivated, you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself. It’s better to ease the strain by allowing yourself to be mildly interested or even in a state of dread. Allowing yourself to be in this state makes it easier to move past it because you’re no longer resisting it. When you resist the state you’re in, you perpetuate it.”

From Zen Habits’ Why Motivation Doesn’t Really Matter – excellent reminder to self that where I am is where I be.

Jul 13 2008

A Handful of Answers

As called out by The Amazon Iowan in her post of many questions (I’ve gone on a bit… it just happened, quite beyond my control really, so it’s all after the break): Continue reading