Sep 27 2005


Cold sick flu thingy. Not pretty.

School starts in a few days. Pretty, but not if cold sick flu thingy ridden am I.

Going to Hawaii in ten days. Pretty, but not if cold sick flu thingy ridden am I.

Cold sick flu thingies tend to turn into walking pneumonia for me. Not pretty. Ugh more.

Sep 19 2005

Bloggy Goodness

Cybele’s bloggy goodness I do good to remember:

“Lower your expectations, broaden your horizons. Life’s too short to keep talking yourself out of it. It goes for most other things in my life: If you want to do something, stop listing the things in your way and just do it. You wanna run, start running. Worry about distances later, worry about shoes later. You wanna write, start writing. Worry about publishing and format later. Do it now and if you want to do it better, do it again.”

And a funny passed along by herself on the Failures of the Bush Administration (originally from The Daily Show):

Abu Graib
Bin Laden
Failure to find WMDs
John Bolton
Mars Attacks
North Korea
Osama & Jenna
Pregnancy: Osama & Jenna
Queer Revolt
Rodents of Ununsual Size
Syrian War
Unicyclist, Nuclear
X-Rated Tape: Osama & Jenna
Yam Shortage
Zero People Left on Earth

And an even funnier perpetrated by Amazon on John Scalzi (via *my* recommendations page at Amazon) – everybody’s blinking innocently at everyone else at mention of the butt plug and his novel Old Man’s War being somehow conflated into mutual reference.

The Grand Poobah has been posting over at LAVoice – he write pretty.

Finally, it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!!! Arrrr….

Dec 17 2004

Social Darwinism At Work?

Or just future winners of the Darwin Awards?

I'll die first, pick me, pick me!

Either way, they can’t go fast damned enough. If only they’d stick to the big ‘splodey test ranges or the cemetaries they like to party in, instead of spreading their disgusting philosophies in action.