Oct 31 2007

Open Letter On A Breakup

I’m breaking up with you. From now on, you’re just another human being I’m related to, not my poor pitiful long-suffering mother or personal cross to bear or anything else that resembles a shadowstep in the waltz of recursive martyrdom you try and bully me into dancing with you, just because I’m your daughter.

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Oct 26 2007

Fighting Fat

Go check out this beautiful rant by Joy Nash on being fat in our culture – I’ve tried to embed it but the YouTube code keeps horking my wa, so you’ll have to be clicky instead. I found it on Ariel Fox’s blog, posted in honor of Love Your Body Day, which I sadly missed… not surprising considering I love my doctor more than my body at the moment.

Check out Ariel’s way cool Sticker Sisters loot while you’re at it – it’s pro-woman so scary to lots of people who damn well need to be scared. I particularly like the “I Fight Like A Girl” poster – oh yeah baby.

Apr 30 2007

on the road from Blooger…

Apparently there’s no way to automatically transfer all my old posts over from Blooger, and I’ve got almost seven (count ’em, 7!) years of sporadic commentary, mumbles and ravings stored up over there that I’m feeling sentimental about (hey, I NEED those quiz results from 2002 dammit). So this is gonna take a while.