Jul 24 2003

Why We’re There

Thanks to USS Clueless for once again putting it so well (via Winds of Change).

And to those past who would lie with the truth as CNN has attempted to do in present-day Iraq, I pass along a statement of support for the campaign to revoke Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer prize – my thanks to Dean Esmay for posting Don Pesci’s Famine, Lies and Justice.

Jul 11 2003

Bringing It On Home

Thanks to Calpundit for this info dump on Pat Robertson (insert shivery ice-fly creepies skittering up my spine here). Just goes to show ya, anytime someone says “But I love him” or “God told me so” it’s time to back away quickly, grab the Glock, and put ’em down. For the good of the many and the good of the one. Really, it’d be a mercy killing.

May 19 2003

Poor Long-Term Memory

Lebanon’s ‘A-Team of terrorists’ are valued for social services. I know that just sounds wrong, but it’s called winning hearts and minds. Not exactly an original concept.