Jan 29 2010

Friday 5: Hoops

Today’s Friday 5 is Hoops:

1. When did you last feel you were required to jump through meaningless hoops to get something you wanted?

I had to fill out a ream of personally invasive paperwork to comply with my last contracting gig’s formal change of corporate overseer a week before the end of my gig, just to be able to complete that last week and get paid. Actually, the last three months of my time there were pretty much all a meaningless hoop that I was jumping through to get a paycheck – I wasn’t given anything to do as I was a short-term contractor so my name couldn’t show up on any projects or they wouldn’t meet the place’s twisted version of Six-Sigma compliance; my presence was simply to hold a req open so that HR wouldn’t take the headcount away from the group.

2. What kinds of hula hoop memories do you have?

Hula hoop contests with girlfriends that weren’t really contests – those memories are also associated with homemade Kool Aid and wax lips from the ice cream truck. Chasing a hula hoop with a stick in an attempt to figure out how the hell the kids in old engravings actually did it, while wondering what the point was. Laughing with grown women in their 40s who snuck out of the office to take hula hoop classes at the gym in the next building over in our office complex. Playing tug of war and chase with Angus as we made the best possible use of an old hula hoop left in our backyard by our house’s previous owners – he was only a few months old and would alternate between holding it his mouth as he ran and running through the hoop as it looped around and fell in front of him. I never learned how to chase a hoop with a stick, but I learned how to toss a hoop and have Angus chase it down.

3. How do you feel about basketball?

Fun to watch live (hate TV sportscasters), fun to play if I don’t have anybody tackling me when I’m going for a layup.

4. What do you think of hoop earrings?

Love ‘em, all good, the bigger the better.

5. What’s your favorite Whoopi Goldberg movie?

Oh that’s a toughie. The Color Purple, Ghost, Sister Act… I love her in about anything she does, so looking over her filmography at IMDB, it seems I have some catching up to do.

Sep 6 2009

Nine Years

September 6, 2000 – nine years ago today that I wrote my very first post here on inkblog. I’ve done more than my fair share of filling the internets with pointless crap since then, and I hope I’ve also said a few things here and there that might have actually touched someone. In a good way. Every so often I still get pissed-off comments on the Brief History of Spanakopita I doodled a few years back… no idea why an historical parody involving goat fucking ticks so many people off, but what do I know? Some folks are just weird. When I moved inkblog from Blogger over to WordPress I scrubbed a lot of entries – mostly crap quizzes and such webbish flotsam and jetsam. Hope I scrubbed most of the exclamation point abuse too. Probably not. Am thinking in the history of boring blog posts (and yes you internets noobs out there this is a goddamned motherfucking post, not a blog. a post is a single entry on a blog. a blog is the collection of posts. get it fucking right or get the fuck off my bandwidth lawn already. and learn to use apostrophes correctly while you’re at it. asshats.) that this is likely up there near the top of the ‘too milquetoast to bother’ category, but there you have it – the obligatory “it’s been nine years OMG!!!!”

Am rather at sixes and sevens today so nothing more interesting to say. Go read LA Noir if you want cheap entertainment.

Aug 10 2008

Ha! Took Em Long Enough

I was about eight when my stepdad gave me the whole light = wave / particle talk, based on a line of interrogation I’d subjected him to around the Elven cloak Frodo used to hide from various baddies in The Lord of the Rings. I remember proposing this as a solution to the question of an invisibility cloak and becoming VERY indignant at being told the Adults – who were supposedly SOOO much smarter than me by virtue of being taller or some other criteria they never actually specified – hadn’t yet figured out how to make it work. I mean really, how hard could it be if light is both a wave and a particle? Just exploit the hell out of both possibilities instead of acting like it’s one or the other. Adults back then had problems with quantum physics too, as I recall.

I wonder if the folks having fun with the prototype are much older than me, or if they were having similar conversations about that time? What’s the quote – if we can dream it we can do it? Pretty damned cool.