Dec 16 2005

Baphomet’s Just Another Word For Nothin’ Left To Lose

My last final is tonight. Go me.

Merry Happy Tentacular Chrismahanzaqwanakah to all three of you dear readers. Now go sing carols with Cthulu, you crazy kids!

Dec 14 2005

Tongue-Tied And Twisted

My new favorite website is the Double-Tongued Word Wrester. A timely citation:

three plastic animals rule n. the legal determination that secular symbols in a government-sponsored year-end seasonal display (such as a Nativity scene) can mark it as not endorsing a specific religion or religion in general.

Thanks to my sweetie, TGP 😉

Dec 13 2005

I *Heart* Phoenician

Took my A&P final last night. Didn’t die. Fibro is thinking about flaring, I’m not interested. Found a neato linguistics thingy on BoingBoing – an animated gif that shows the evolution of the English alphabet from the Phoenician c. 900 BC. (It’s too wide to copy and paste here, thus the linkage.) I hit refresh frequently and it makes me happy, sort of like a meditation.