Jun 8 2010

Om Shanti Bitches!

Just wow. I’ve been blaming pain levels, medication side effects, emotional fallout from both, and the phase of the moon on my frustration lately.

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Jul 13 2008

A Handful of Answers

As called out by The Amazon Iowan in her post of many questions (I’ve gone on a bit… it just happened, quite beyond my control really, so it’s all after the break): Continue reading

Oct 26 2007


I am really loving things with tentacles lately, like this fabulous thing which I can forgive for being partially pink just ‘cuz cognitive dissonance trumps pink. Behold Tentacle Bunny!

Bunny with Tentacles

There’s a staff I’m craving for my main that’s all tentacular at the end as well, with super extra neato writhing action, but it’s a rare drop off a boss I’d need a few levels and a raid party to kill. Not that I have a problem with killing for tentacles. I think they sorta demand it, really.