Jul 15 2007

Bookey Abbondanza!

So many fabulous people have books out right about now and I’ve got copies of all of them! Squee!! I’m happily suffering from an embarrassment of yummy reading riches. Some books I’ve already gulped down, others are sitting in my TBR pile winking and wiggling at me. I haven’t written an actual book review in a dog’s age, mostly because nobody’s paid me to do so in about that long and I’m a lazy writer when not being paid for wordcount. I’ve pretty much forgotten the tropes of form and content involved – about any of these books I’d splutter something from the following: go! buy!! read! frosting! chocolate frosting!! thrills and chills!! laugh out loud! sleep with the lights on!! savor words laid to paper like a fine sirloin on glowing mesquite! sparkly butterflies!! love! redemption!! high caliber weaponry! yummy!!

So because I am a) lazy, b) forgetful, and c) staring at a great stretch of butcher paper covered in story notes that I’m going to be putting into Curio this afternoon, I’m summing up my opinion of these books in one fell swoop – all are excellent reads, a helluva good time, well worth the money and written by neato people I or my husband know personally. I highly recommend y’all run, don’t walk, to get your own copies. In no particular order:

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes
Lost Girls
Bobbie Faye’s Very (very, very, very) Bad Day
The Cleaner
The Gospel of the Knife
Agnes and the Hitman

Sep 16 2002

Oh Happy Noodles!!! I just got Tim Powers’ The St…

Oh Happy Noodles!!! I just got Tim Powers’ The Stress of Her Regard delivered to my office! Goody!!!!!