Jan 1 2013

Here’s To New Beginnings

Courtesy of the beautiful and fabulous Deborah Blake, a blessing for New Beginnings:

Bless this new beginning
A gift from the gods
Which I accept with gratitude and appreciation
Let it be productive like the earth
And nurtured by the warmth of the sun
Let it flow smoothly like the water
And carry me in a positive direction
Like a seed blown on the winds
Bless this new beginning
That it may broaden my horizons
Strengthen and enlighten me
And help my spirit to grow and blossom
So mote it be

Jun 8 2010

Om Shanti Bitches!

Just wow. I’ve been blaming pain levels, medication side effects, emotional fallout from both, and the phase of the moon on my frustration lately.

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Apr 21 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday – Dare

My thanks to Wishcasting Wednesdays for today’s meme

What do you wish to dare?

I wish to dare that I…

I dare to let go of the sad stories I’ve reasoned into a tightly woven shroud around my inner child, because she is me and I not we simply don’t look good in those colors. Not to mention I keep tripping over the hem when I dance. Pfft.

I dare to remember that I am the fearless laughing girl who will take anybody up on any dare anywhere, just because it’s always fun to see what happens next . Especially if there’s a cherry on top.

I dare to remember myself and be true to my gifts. I’ve kissed the friggin’ Blarney Stone! Wearing a miniskirt! Who says writing my novels to done and getting them happily published has to be painfully difficult for me? Double pfft. And ptui.