Sep 25 2009

GIST ~17/365~

~ Mercury is almost out of retrograde
~ remembering what already I know deep in my bones: everything will be okay
~ learning a new way to place electrodes on my neck and shoulders
~ coconut curry
~ finding the right book to read at the right time

Sep 24 2009

GIST ~16/365~

~ Bananagrams
~ my husband’s willingness to grow with me as I grow with him
~ laughing dogs
~ foam rollers in the right spots
~ Thai iced tea

Sep 23 2009

GIST ~15/365~

~ snorting whuffly puppy dreams in lieu of an alarm clock
~ stamina to spend my day focused on the important
~ Glee on my Tivo
~ my dear friend’s brand new publishing contract, at last
~ still not out of lychee gummies