Sep 28 2009

GIST ~20/365~

~ it’s overcast with a promise of fuzzy
~ remembered to write everything down today
~ sinking into depression doesn’t mean I have to stay there
~ awesome typewriter key paperclips
~ snuggling with the dogs to keep them calm when choppers are circling loud and low

Sep 27 2009

GIST ~19/365~

~ I need to get messy and physical
~ it’s more fun to be a possibilitarian
~ afternoon in a bookstore with my love
~ Bob’s Big Boy milkshakes
~ magic fingers fixed my printer

Sep 26 2009

GIST ~18/365~

~ new grass is growing in some of the summer dead spots in our backyard
~ deliverable groceries
~ learning about myself in other people’s words
~ homemade chili dogs
~ long, hot showers