Wishcasting Wednesday – Dare

My thanks to Wishcasting Wednesdays for today’s meme

What do you wish to dare?

I wish to dare that I…

I dare to let go of the sad stories I’ve reasoned into a tightly woven shroud around my inner child, because she is me and I not we simply don’t look good in those colors. Not to mention I keep tripping over the hem when I dance. Pfft.

I dare to remember that I am the fearless laughing girl who will take anybody up on any dare anywhere, just because it’s always fun to see what happens next . Especially if there’s a cherry on top.

I dare to remember myself and be true to my gifts. I’ve kissed the friggin’ Blarney Stone! Wearing a miniskirt! Who says writing my novels to done and getting them happily published has to be painfully difficult for me? Double pfft. And ptui.

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