And All Shall Be Well…

…and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

I started today (now yesterday) all fruminous jabbery and franxious (frazzled + anxious) and when I finally couldn’t stand the monkey poo in my head anymore I remembered that it was ok to move. Encouraged, even. The moving, not the monkey poo. I was and am tired of feeling timid about hurting some other bodypart/thing stupid, and my reluctance to breathe deeply and risk shoving my first rib into a painfully wrong space has seriously gotten in the way of killing off that timidity before it spreads to other things (like a fungus, timidity is).

Movement started with a step, a swing of the hips, and a few minutes later I was massacring the short forms of a few dances in Just Dance, our new goofy Wii game. Once I got breathing hard, my rib and shoulder weren’t doing anything untoward so I decided dancing wasn’t violent enough and switched to Wii Sports Resort. As it turned out, we’d unlocked a third level of sword fighting without even trying, so I wore myself out fighting Miis in Lego kendo gear and won quite a bit.  Despite switching from one hand to the other to pamper my right AC joint, which still has a wide variety of opinions as to whether or not my entire right shoulder is good to go.

I miss training. I miss sparring. But my body remembered the dip and sway and proper foot positioning and tonight, I do not miss feeling beaten up from activity. Finally, everything hurts even after ice and bubble bath and muscle relaxants, but it all hurts from being used. Better to fight one-handed than to never fight again.

Also, my TV set has survived my impatience at the slowness of my virtual Lego opponents. Wee bastards didn’t run to the slaughter quite as fast as I prefer. There’s a reason you’re sorta not really supposed to thrust at your target in practice, or directly at/into your TV when playing a computer game. More’s the pity.

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