Manic Monday – Times

Thanks to the Manic Monday meme for these questions:

What was your best day of the week last week and why?

I’d have to say Saturday because Saturday night was a lot of fun – finally going out to play with my sweetie and being able to relax and laugh amidst all the drama we’ve had lately that’s sending me around the bend and not in a good way.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

I seem to remember something about pulling together an event at the Wiltern and it taking 3 1/2 days of non-stop activity to get squared away and ready to go, so maybe 84 hours? The last 24 or so were a big green smear.

Is how old you look and/or how old you feel right now different from your actual age?

I’m told I look younger than my calendar age, and I feel younger mentally as well, but I definitely feel older in my body.

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