Eau de Sauvage?

I smell like fresh-caught Pacific salmon.

I just gave, or attempted to give, fish oil caps to the dogs. Angus gobbled his down, good and trusting eater that he is. Emma the Picky Bitch sniffed at hers, tentatively touched the teeny tip of her tongue to one end of it, then sat back and looked at me. I know she likes fish, so figured she just needed a bit of encouragement. Crouching down, I bit a hole in the non-dog tongue-touched end of the gel cap. My intention was to squirt a bit of the fish oil into her mouth, as once she gets her tongue going it’s easy to shove all kinds of meds down her throat.

This is where things went awry.

Turns out the stuff in that there teeny stinky little gel cap is under a wee bit of pressure. I now have a more-or-less symmetrical blort of fish oil soaked into my tanktop, smack between my boobs. I also managed to spray a few droplets onto my left eyelid, and a bit more than that along the top of Emma’s nose and up between her eyes. Angus got very excited about the free-form fish oil bath and lunged at me, butt a’wiggling, trying to lick my eyeball. As I fell over, most of what was left of the oil squirted into my hand, which Emma was happy to lick clean. Angus helpfully ate the remains of the gel cap.

Maybe if I wear the tank top on the treadmill, I can close my eyes and convince myself I’m at the beach.

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