Canine Secrets

I just walked into the kitchen to add more sugar to my coffee (all hail hot and sexy mens who make me strong coffee) and caught a flash of movement to my right. Both dogs were standing in the den gazing up into the corner of the ceiling with big grins on their faces, tails wagging at half-speed. I asked them what they were so entertained by, and by way of reply they strolled over to me, still grinning, and sat on my feet. Neither looked particularly guilty of anything, nor did they seem to think my attention to the Fascinating Thing in the corner of the den was required.

As I stirred my coffee and sat back down at my computer, they trotted around the house in tandem, as if checking room to room for more of the Fascinating Thing that caught their attention (or perhaps other Fascinating Things – they still haven’t told me), then ran out in the backyard. They seem to have found it out there at the moment, floating in the sunshine, or perhaps tangled in the grass… their big doggy grins have taken on a touch of smug. I suspect within a few minutes of coming back inside Angus will feel the need to scan the bedroom floor for socks just in case another Fascinating Thing is hiding in a wonderfully smelly toe, and Emma will resume her station on the living room couch where she can keep both eyes out for more Fascinating Things.

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  • Da Goddess Says:

    All hail those mens, indeed. And all hail those furry creatures who remind us that fascination and wonder can and should be found everywhere.

  • Burl Barer Says:

    There is, I am almost certain, a conspiracy between cock manufacturers and dogs. Somewhere, sometime, when you are not around, factory reps from the sock companies are paying off dogs with steak tartar, bacon, cheese, ore something dead and smelly to roll in, in exchange for the dogs chewing the toes out of socks. The more they chew, the more you buy. Oh, one more thing. It is not the dryer that confiscates socks one at a time — it is the washing machine. What happens is that the sock gets “thin” when soaked and slips down the drain during the “extract” cycle. You can stop this from happening by tying the socks together, making them too big to go down the drain.
    Do not, however, tie your socks together on the floor. The dogs will chew the toes out of both of them at the same time. And don’t put the dog in either the washer or dryer.

    Best regards
    Burl Barer

  • Burl Barer Says:

    OOOOPS! Being blind in one eye is hell on proof reading. That word should be SOCKS not…well…you know.


  • inkgrrl Says:

    HEE! I did a double-take at that then read the rest of your comment and figured out the typo. But the way the two of them go after each other with dominance displays – he’s snipped, she’s female, I wouldn’t doubt there’s a cock manufacturer in there somewhere too. Or at least a Neuticles rep with a plot to take over the world.

    Always wonder when somebody reportedly plots to take over the world, what are they going to do with it once they’ve taken over? Charge admission? Outlaw the flavor orange? Babbling, more coffee…

  • Barbara Says:

    Your dogs could be seeing and speaking to angels.

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