Breast Cancer Sucks

A friend of mine, Michele, has breast cancer. A bunch of her writerly friends have put together an eBay auction to help her out – her hubby’s self-employed and their insurance isn’t amazing (like $800/prescription for meds right now… yes, Eight Hundred Dollars American for ONE 30-day prescription). A bunch of writers have donated signed novels, critiques, I’m donating a bunch of my handmade jewelry, others are tossing in some other crafty stuff… very grassroots. Please help spread the word any way you can.

The main site giving information about Michele and some of the writers who have so generously donated autographed copies of their novels and manuscript critiques is located at The Michele Fund.

You can go directly to the eBay auction by clicking here, or doing a search on eBay for “CherriesTMF”, which all of the auction items are tagged with.

My attempt at hard-sell (at which I blow monkey chunks, admittedly, oh where are my scurvy minions?) is that even if none of the books or critiques appeal to your genre preferences, there will be shiny gift items up there too over the next few weeks and ongoing and Mother’s Day is coming and Michele’s a mother and everybody has a mother so don’t be a selfish bastard, go bid on something that somebody’s mother would like to receive in remembrance of her May 14th Hallmark moment.

Breast cancer sucks.

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  • Joanie Says:

    Big hugs to Michele and her family and friends!

  • Anonymous Says:

    My mom had breast cancer twelve years ago, and I can’t recommend MD Anderson Cancer Center highly enough. Sure, it’s in Houston, (home of the Shrub) but if you can ignore the fact that the Bushes live in the same city, then Anderson’s your best bet. The staff is wonderful, the doctors are top notch, and families can stay in the Jesse James Rotary Inn, which is right across from the hospital, and specially geared for families of cancer patients. Be sure to ask for Dr. Walters or Dr. Theriault!

    Hope you raise a million!

    Blue Jean

  • laender Says:

    > Big hugs to Michele and her family and friends!

    From me too…

  • Anonymous Says:

    The Bush family does not live in Houston. They give a lot of money to the institution and care very much for the patients. If you want your political opinion to get in the way of possibly saving your life? It shouldn’t even matter.

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