Flappy Flying Fluttering Fwings

…or how I learned to love fringe on motorcycle jackets. Okay, that’s not really what this post is about, but on the way into work this morning, TGP and I did pass a Harley rider in full regalia, with extravagant fringe fluttering behind him to show the world what direction he’d just come from. We figured if he was gonna have streamers on his person or bike, they should be multi-colored and glittery. And he should have a few playing cards – the Suicide Jack was always my favorite – stuck between the spokes of his wheels. And a little brass horn with a red rubber bulb. I mean, that’s what I’d do if I rode a Harley. Well, in my mind, that’s what I’d be doing… whee!!!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, the sun has come out. The sun came out first, actually, but here I am announcing it to all three readers. The sun has come out. I got a new job that lessens my commute time from 2.5 hours round-trip every day to about 30-40 minutes… starting the first week of April, I get two whole hours back every day! Time is the most precious resource, and I intend to squander my filthy temporal lucre on such extravagences as exercise (gotta climb Kilimanjaro in 5 years), real cooking (literally sick of fast and convenience foods), writing (imagine getting past chapter two, or actually sending a poem out there to garner public approbation), sleep (gotta have that to be awake), and getting Little Conversations (no website up yet) off its feet and selling hand-cast and crafted jewelry, greeting cards, and writerly trinkets. No, I won’t be trying to do all those things at once. Except in my head when I’ve had too much caffeine and am levitating about two inches off the ground while my amazing Jedi mind powers hide the ‘droids and handle the rest.

In other news, Secret Agent Wee Haggis is six months old today – Happy Half-Birthday, my dear sweet poopers! Angus weighs somewhere between 55-60 lbs. and ain’t done growing yet. We got a big dawg fer shure. He hit puberty a few weeks ago and his first *manly* act was to claim territory in the time-honored tradition of those who can pee standing up… he pissed on the side of the fridge. He’s already master of the belly rubs and holds eminent domain over our laps, so I’d say the boy displayed a fine sense of strategic resource management – declare ownership of the big food before moving onto that cute poodle down the street.

Hmm… what else, what else… haven’t blogged at Winds of Change in a month thus have missed the opportunity to snark in timely fashion about Middle East Peace happenings, need to clean the carbs in my motorcycle so I can take advantage of the great riding weather we’re about to have in SoCal, still have four papers due by this Friday for Winter Quarter classes, and would love to go away someplace beachy and fruity-drinky long enough to get bored with staring at the waves. I’m tired in many ways – this job change represents the last big shift from my past life with my ex-husband, so lots of emotional stuff is coming up around that and making me feel more exhausted than I otherwise might. But the best way out of burnout is not wallowing and hiding under the couch, it’s doing new and exciting stuff, it’s living life and taking chances. Think I’ll spend the vacation pay coming to me at REI.

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