People Unclear On The Concept

I would like to believe that this isn’t merely another example of unthinking and overblown Arabic rhetoric and that someone in a position of public trust like Imam el-Tamimi understands the purpose of those machines that go *ping* but I wouldn’t bet ya money on it:

“…life support equipment will not be switched off ‘as long as there is warmth and life in his body,’ senior Islamic cleric Tayssir el-Tamimi.”

Um, yeah, way to go Imam-dude – way to make yourself as a representative of both Islam and the Palestinian people sound like a real edjumacated man. Word up – that bullshit doublespeak that works in the Arabic press doesn’t always work in the rest of the world. We know Arafat is dead. We know he’s been clinically dead since the day of our national election and that the only reason there’s warmth and life in his body is because of those tubes and that machine that goes *ping* and because of the political wrangling yet to come about his burial place and because of the logistics entailed in getting his cooling body into the ground within 24 hours of pulling the plug. Soon the machine that goes *ping* will go *beep* and we can only hope that the Palestinian people will be better served by their next leader, a leader who actually cares for them, not just for shoring up his cult of personality.

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