The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire…

Zombyboy and Tacitus have both made some excellent points by way of mild- and not-so-mild-mannered rants about Spain’s prime minister-elect, Zapato, and his intended withdrawal of Spanish forces from Iraq.

I can only echo that standing fast in the fire obviously isn’t in Zapato’s mind, nor is any real acknowledgement of Spain’s cultural and remembered significance for modern Arabs as a glorious and shining light of Islamic civilization during the reign of the Umayyad caliphs who had fled there to escape from Abbasid rule in Damascus in 711 CE, and remained there until King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella reconquered all of Andalusia for their Christian empire in 1492 CE (when they also kicked the Jews out of Spain).

Fact is, radical Islam lives in an even more romanticized and twisted version of the past than the rest of the Islamic world, and can never forget that Islam once ruled in Europe. Many Arabs have never forgiven Spain for the loss of Al-Andalus and consider losing such a jewel in the crown of Islam a burning insult gone unpunished. Spain was a logical target by radical Islamist standards for that alone by way of payback for seeming historical wrongs; being our ally didn’t bring this on them, being Spanish did. Maybe Zapatero thinks that if he runs back inside and hides under the bed, the bad men he told to stay off the lawn won’t burn down his house.

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