So my own personal Buddha and evil twin Doselle lectured me in a kind and gentle yet firm manner Saturday – it was much like being consensually spanked. (Ever notice I start a lot of posts with “so”? So what’s up with that?) In essence, he told me that I have more energy and get more done than anyone he knows, and that I’m like an old-fashioned blender with only two speeds – Off and Puree. (Note: I’ve been in Puree mode for a while now.) That was the kind and gentle part of the conversation. Doe then told me that my blender will only hold so much stuff and I gotta stop putting more stuff into it until some of the stuff already in it is all properly pureed and can be poured back out into metaphorical jello molds or all the half-pureed stuff will start leaking out the edges and splatter everywhere and make a big mess, like it is right now.

My initial conclusion? Great, one more thing to add to my to-do list – get more metaphorical jello molds.

Or breathe in and out and let go of some of the chunkier bits that I don’t really need and that don’t go all that well with the other stuff that I do like, then take a bubble bath and a nap and read a good book – not necessarily in that order.

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