The Banality Of Evil

They never mentioned the function of minders. Never mentioned terror.

In one case, a correspondent actually went to the Internet Center at the Al-Rashid Hotel and printed out copies of his and other people’s stories — mine included — specifically in order to be able to show the difference between himself and the others. He wanted to show what a good boy he was compared to this enemy of the state.

This has been floating around various political and warblogs – I believe I tracked it down on Winds of Change – but I’m not sure how many people are really paying attention to to what our trusted media feeds have been feeding us. Living with compromise every day and going along to get along, to protect your sources, are a far cry from putting your hands over your eyes to see no evil, over your ears to hear no evil, and finally over your mouth, to bear no witness to evil. I’m still stuck in my reaction to this – sickened by it – and don’t have much coherent and non-pontificatish to say besides that the shit’s just wrong, so I’ll leave you with this old Arabic proverb: “If you live with someone for forty days, you become like him.”

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