With his permission, here’s a mini-screed from The Shadow that I think was triggered by my IM-ing him the link to Sullivan’s Salon screed. I’d really like to get him to guest-blog here once in a while – he’s purty.

“I would like to see an anti-war movement actually have intelligent, insightful people behind it. Unfortunately, both sides are appealing to the emotional elements in people. The pro-war: Fear. The anti-war: Warm snuggly bunny oh no someone’s gonna get hurt and that’s BAD shit. I’m not sure if it’s that people are incapable of arguing the points in an intelligent and insightful manner or if the people trying to get the messages out simply don’t think we’re smart enough. I suspect it’s actually neither. I think they KNOW we can think for ourselves, and the best way to appeal to people is through an emotional entry point. Just like advertising. But we had better have a war fast, or people will start talking. They’re already talking. Hopefully, someone will actually stand up and open a friggin’ dialog. One that the people can participate in, not this Fiefdom shit that no one is allowed to actually be a part of. I hate politics. I’d end up challenging Senators to duels if I was in office.”

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