one of Mark Morford’s definitions

I gleefully shot off one of Mark Morford’s definitions to The Lorax this morning, who paused briefly to consider the carnage, then picked up the ball o’puns and ran with it:

InkGrrl: I think this is my new favorite word ;->

bedizen \bi-‘d-zen, -“di-\ verb transitive (1661) – To dress or adorn gaudily

bedizenment – noun

Usage example: Bedizened in nothing but enormous peacock feathers and a latex thong and pink stilettos and way, way too much eye makeup, a very loaded Lynne Cheney suddenly burst into the nuclear strategy meeting and flung open her arms and yelled, “Do me now you warmongering slug-monkeys!”

The Lorax: you’re referring to “slug-monkeys,” right?

InkGrrl: bedizen, bedizen, bedizen… ack. I’m out of sequins.

The Lorax: you just suffered a sequinsing error

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