WELCOME BACK to the Morning Fix!

WELCOME BACK to the Morning Fix! Apparently his bowling-ball abused finger is doing much better now, thank you. And thanks Mark for coming back to us – I offer this snippet of Mark Morford’s awesome snarkiness en hommage

“…Have oft pondered the likelihood that cube farms are so mind-numbing and ubiquitous and sad because they secretly appeal to the largely male impulse for cool cardboard forts in which you can fancy yourself all independent and unique when in fact you’re one of roughly ten billion cardboard box dwellers secretly stealing fistfuls of Oreos and dad’s Hustler and being all fierce and unfindable, as if.”

As a denizen of the CubeFront me own self, I find this theory strangely compelling.

And again thanks to Mark, the only real reply that any self-respecting writer can make to the taunting of those visible and not-so-invisible but certainly demonic critics:

“…No I have never had a concussion but I have certainly and on numerous occasions had trouble verbalizing things, suffered hazy thinking and dizziness, and questioned my writerly abilities to smoothly knock the correct word into the left corner pocket of meaning. But then I stop bashing my skull into the screen and drink more wine and everything usually clears right up.”

I’ve found that vehemently fondling ginormous squishy alien-scrotum desk toys helps too.

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