ruthless attacks and mechanized slaughter

Ruthless attacks by OBL’s corporation (read:wealthy saudis) and mechanized slaughter by Sharon’s killing machine (read:unfettered government force) is a harbinger of the world ahead, not only for the helpless, hapless unfortunates in Jenin and elsewhere in Palestine, but for all those caught in the crossfire of blood-blind tribal hatreds armed with modern weaponry.

You know those ads from the gummint about how buying drugs finances terrorism? Well, chilluns, next time you get gas, any brand will do, ask yourself if you’d so willingly dole over the 20 bucks or more you pay the ‘pump’ if you knew you were sending your money to Murder, Inc. Part of what we spend (yes, I do it too) definitely underwrites the Saudis’ various economies, hence part of that is funneled into things that don’t support Israel, and may even directly support OBL and his cronies. Part of what we spend underwrites the subsidized defense industries in our own proud land (the peace dividends trumpeted by both parties), and so helps to support the blades and bombs and bullets that have made a Golgotha of Jenin and the rest.

We give and we give, and we close our eyes to where it all goes, but someday all these chickens will come home to roost, and Sept. 11 will seem like the canary in a global coal mine with no way out.

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